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Welcome to Pest Animal Removal Murfreesboro! We are a wildlife removal company servicing Murfreesboro, TN. When you have a wild animal in your home or business, there is much more involved than simply getting the animal out. Rodents such as squirrels, rats, and mice can shoe electrical wiring, causing a short which can lead to a potential fire. Animals such as snakes, bats, or raccoons can bite or scratch your pet or child, putting them at risk of contracting a serious illness. Plus, the droppings animals leave behind pose a risk as well. There are many diseases that are carried in the urine and feces of these wild animals, so you need a service that not only reads your property of these critters, but also ensures your property is safe. This is what sets us apart from every other business in the area. Not only do we provide exceptional wildlife removal services, but we also provide you with professional grade building repair. We make sure that these animals do not get back in by sealing entry points and repairing damaged areas. We clean urine and feces left behind, ensuring that mold, mildew and odors do not remain. We are even able to fix potential electrical problems that were caused by these animals. Our staff are license and we are insured. This make sure that you can have confidence that we will do the job right because we have you covered. Call us now at 615-541-1791 for your Murfreesboro wildlife control needs.

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Murfreesboro Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: Overview of ALL the Damage a Tennessee Opossum Can Do To YOUR Attic and House

The Murfreesboro opossums are known for their incredible climbing ability. This allows them to reach the high areas of our house such as our attic. They also love to dwell in the burrows. We will often find them underneath our shed or porch. Once they invaded our property, this creature may cause different damages that should be a source of concern. 

List of Damages and Issues that the Opossum May Cause

The residents should be wary in the presence of the opossum in their Tennessee attic or underneath their house. Their physical look that resembles the appearance of the rat will startle you. They also have the capacity to reproduce at an astounding rate. In fact, they can have around 13 young possums every nesting period. Female opossums are expected to have at least 2 litters on an annual basis.

Loud Noises

Due to the size of the opossum, they have a tendency to produce loud sound that can disturb your relaxation period. Since they will mostly be active during the night, it would be impossible for you to get that much-needed sleep. The noise will be more pervasive during the nesting season since the mother opossum will be busy. The infants will also produce a unique call that will alert the mother opossum.


While the Murfreesboro opossums do not really have the destructive chewing habit of the rats, they can still chew soft materials that they can use on their den. There are instances that they may chew the insulation of our electrical wires that will expose the live wires. Aside from electrocution this can also be a fire hazard. Nonetheless, this type of damage that the opossum may cause in your attic will be uncommon.


There are various hazards associated with the Tennessee opossums with regards to our safety and wellbeing. For instance, they may carry ticks and mites that can transmit diseases. There are some microscopic pests that they carry that will transfer to humans and pets. The possum's feces may also contain roundworms. Accidentally inhaling the spores of the roundworms will cause serious inflammation that will target our respiratory system. If not treated immediately, it can also affect our other vital organs that will lead to fatal consequences. Another pest that should be of concern would be flukes. These microorganisms are living within the intestinal walls and abdominal cavity. They will then lay eggs inside our intestine once they reach their maturity.

In order to stay away from the dangers associated with the Murfreesboro opossum, it is important to eliminate the things that are attracting them. Make sure that you will eliminate all the possible food sources. If you can't then at least restrict their access to these sources. For instance, you can cover your trashcan with a secured lid. You may also install barriers and seal their entry points. For the empty burrows, fill them up with stones before covering them with dirt. You should also remove the piles of woods and brushes in your yard.