Only 2 Steps You'll Need to STOP Raccoons from Pooping in Your Tennessee Pool Today!

Once you encounter the term AFR (Accidental Fecal Release) one of the first things that will cross your mind would be the recreational water diseases. The protozoans parasites including Giardia and cryptosporidium can be acquired from swallowing a contaminated water in the pool. You will be surprised that it is relatively common for the raccoon to use your pool as your restroom. Aside from the detrimental effect of their excrement on the water chemistry, studies shows that we can acquire different illnesses and parasites from contracting with a contaminated pool.

Ways to Stop the Murfreesboro Raccoon from Pooping in Your Pool

Our Tennessee pool is quite attractive in the eye of the masked bandit due to various reasons. This is an excellent water source for them. The raccoons in the wild also prefer to live near the bodies of water. It is a known fact that raccoons will submerge their food in the water first before eating them. This is why it is not uncommon for us to find a ‘proof' of their visit in our pool. The raccoons in the wild will usually stand on the shallow bodies of water to defecate. Fortunately, there are some ways to thwart this behavior. 

Remove the Things That Are Attracting Them

It is highly possible that the Tennessee raccoon ended within the vicinity of your pool since there is something that is attracting them. It may not necessarily be the water in your pool. Raccoons are known for scavenging leftovers. If you leave your pet food or birdfeeders outside especially during nighttimes, they will take advantage of this. If you are keeping your trash can outside, be sure that it comes with a secured lid. This is an excellent method to minimize their access to food sources. Make certain that you will immediately clear the fallen fruit since the smell of the rotten fruit will attract the attention of the raccoon. 

Installing Deterrents

Fences and barriers may not necessarily deliver a solution but it will make things difficult for the Tennessee raccoons. However, if you are looking for a better solution, a water jet cannon that comes with a motion detector would be a great option. You may also play a radio in your pool to drive them away. Raccoons hate the sound of human voice so be sure that you will tune in to a talk station. At night, you can also add a spotlight on your pool that will startle the raccoon. Using repellent may or may not be effective depending on your situation. Spray repellent will immediately disperse especially since this is an outdoor setting. The water in the pool can also help in washing away the scent of the repellent.

In cases none of these solutions work, it is time for you to hire the service of the Murfreesboro wildlife removal company. They will assess your situation and educate you about the possible things that are attracting the raccoon in order to stay away from any infestation in the future.

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