Telling Signs That There are Baby Rats Up in Your Murfreesboro Attic

We've mentioned in our past articles how Murfreesboro rats can multiply at a rapid rate. Compared to other nuisance creature, the rats do not have a restricted nesting season. They have the ability to reproduce any months of the year. This means that if you have a pair of rats in your attic, then there might be a nest full of baby rats.

Signs of Baby Rats in Your Attic

Aside from the common noises that the Tennessee baby rats will produce, there are some signs that will help you identify that there are baby rats living in your attic. Simply by observing the mother rat, you will be able to determine if you will need to deal with nest filled with little rats.

Nest Building

When a Tennessee female rat is giving birth to her babies, some of her hormones will significantly increase while the other will have a noticeable decline. This hormonal fluctuation will boost the maternal instinct of the mother rat. This will activate the instinct of the mother rat to build her nest. In case you noticed that the female rat is building her nest, this is clear evidence that the babies will be arriving soon. In most cases, it will only be a few days before she will deliver her babies.

Swollen Nipples

The sign of a pregnant female rat will be more evident 3 weeks during her pregnancy period. During this time, the nipple of the mother rat will appear more pronounced. There are even times that you will notice some movements. Female rats are pretty vulnerable and fragile this period. In fact, even a gentle touch can be detrimental to them. 

The Female Response to the Male Murfreesboro Rats

When the Tennessee female rat is pregnant, they will generally lose their interest towards the opposite sex. When they are not pregnant, the female rat will show strong reaction to the presence of the male rats. They will sniff and seek out. The manner on how they show their curiosity towards the male rat will be more obvious when they are not pregnant. 

Changes in the Behavior of the Female Rats

As aforementioned, the female rat will experience hormonal changes during their pregnancy. This will then result to apparent changes in their behavior. Their pregnancy would be the reason why they will instantly become territorial. They will also appear more aggressive to human and the other rats. The activity of the pregnant rate can also change. If they are hyperactive before, the female rat will often sleep when date of the birth is approaching. After a few weeks the natural behavior of the female rat will gradually return.

These are some of the signs that you need to pay attention to. This will help you determine that there could be a nest filled with Murfreesboro baby rats in your attic. This will help you identify the best course of action and how to properly get rid of the rats without harming them.

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