Tips for Inspecting Your Tennessee Home for ALL Bat Entry Holes

In case you think that the bat is infesting your Murfreesboro attic, this means that they are entering our house through a gap or a hole. The bat can enter a hole that is about ½ inch in diameter. You will need to check the exterior and interior part of your house for potential access point. Some people try to fulfill this task on their own. However, if you do not have the experience, it is relatively easy for you to miss a gap that the bats can use to return to your house.

How to Inspect Your House for Bat Access Points

With experience and training, you will understand that it is relatively easy to look for the entry points of the Tennessee bats. A quick glance will allow you to determine a potential access hole by the bats. By conducting a thorough inspection you will be able to identify all the entrance and seal all of them. This will help you guarantee that your house will be free from unwanted guests.

Know the Habit of the Murfreesboro Bats

By being aware on the habit of the Tennessee bats, you will be able to easily determine the holes that they are using to enter your property. The bats love to dwell in dim and concealed areas. This means that you can probably find the access point of the bats in your attic, chimney, barns, garage, or probably in the basement. Bats also tend to fly out of their roosting ground 15 minutes after dusk. By observing them a few times, you can identify all the holes that you need to seal.

Look for Signs

It would be easy to look for the access point of the Tennessee bats if you pay attention to the usual signs. Bats usually defecate before they enter their roost. This means that you will be able to notice a pile of droppings close to the hole that they are using as entry points. In addition, you will also notice some grease marks. These are produced through the constant contact with the oils found in the fur of the bats. There is also a tendency that small pieces of fur will be stuck on the wood or sidings. These are all excellent indicators that the bats are using this as an entrance. 

Looking for the Common Access Point

You will need to look for indications that they are actively using a hole. Common access points that the bats will use include the chimney especially if you do not have chimney cap and the eaves of the roof. Pillars, roof joints, balconies, and gables are also possible entrances for the bats. You may want to start your inspection on these parts before proceeding in the other parts of your house.

As we mentioned above, those that lack the experience can easily miss a hole that will make all your efforts useless. You should consider hiring the service of the specialists who have long years of experience in identifying the access point of the Murfreesboro bats.

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