How to Best Care for an Abandoned Murfreesboro Baby Squirrel

Proper care for an abandoned Murfreesboro squirrel is a huge commitment and should not be conducted by anyone who lacks the right dedication and patience. If you can commit your time and energy, you will discover that this can be a rewarding experience. There are various types of squirrels and every species will require different methods of care. Before we start to discuss this matter, let us first remind you how important it is to contact a wildlife rehabilitator especially if you lack the knowledge and experience to rehabilitate an orphaned squirrel. 

Things You Need to Do If You Found an Orphaned Baby Squirrel

When you first found a wandering Tennessee baby squirrel, you should not easily assume that they are abandoned. If you found the nest on the tree, simply place it back to their nest. In case the nest appears unkempt you can place it inside a cardboard box or a basket to keep them contained. You need to keep distance to the area to give the mother a chance to retrieve the baby squirrel.

Stay Away From the Murfreesboro Nest

In some instances, the Tennessee mother squirrel will be scared from your mild harassment that will prompt them to leave their nest. She is perhaps around the corner and looking for the opportunity to return for her babies. She will not find this opportunity if you stay within the proximity of the nest. You need to watch the baby at a distant for a few hours. Usually, the squirrel will leave the nest during the day to avoid catching the attention of the predators. In case the mother failed to return after around 3 hours, it will be safe to assume that they have been abandoned.

Assess the Condition of the Orphaned Squirrel

You need to keep the optimal body temperature of the Tennessee baby squirrel. You should keep them in a warm environment. In case the eyes of the squirrel are still closed, you should place them in a shoe box. Create a hole to ensure that the box is well-ventilated. You may use a heating pad to keep them warm. On the off chance that this is not available, you can fill up bottled water with warm water and wrap it in a blanket before placing it close to the baby squirrel. Replace it regularly to maintain their ideal body temperature. Some experts do not recommend the use of towel since their tiny claws will snag in that may lead to the twisting and breaking of their fragile limbs. You should also keep them safe from dehydration.

You should not give the Murfreesboro squirrel with a formula food. Start by giving it with a Pedialyte. An animal that is dehydrated will die if you feed it with a formula. They will not be able to digest the content properly when they are dehydrated. After you provide them with pedialyte, you will have to gently massage the abdomen or genitals of the baby squirrel to induce urinating. Regular feeding should only be given to an older squirrel. After you provided them with an initial care, call the service of the wildlife rehabilitator. They have the means and knowledge to take care of them properly.

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